Guide for Outpatients


Consultation schedule
Consultation days
From Monday to Saturday
Consultation hours
Monday to Friday From 9:00 to 17:00
Saturday From 9:00 to 12:30
Closed to outpatients
Sundays, National Holidays, year-end and New Year period (December 30 to January 3); second Saturday in April

How to make an appointment

At Mitsui Memorial Hospital, we have a consultation appointment system. Anyone wishing to consult a doctor strongly recommend first obtain a referral letter from another medical facility. An appointment must be made at the Appointment Center in advance of the patient's visit to the hospital.

The initial consultation

Mitsui Memorial Hospital maintains a smoothly operating consultation appointment system, and in order that we can offer advanced, state-of-the-art medical services to a large number of patients, each patient is requested to bring a referral letter from another medical institution.

Anyone who does not bring a referral letter can be seen by a doctor, but a person who has neither a referral letter nor an appointment when visiting the hospital may have to wait for a few hours before a doctor is available for a consultation. A patient who arrives without a referral letter must pay, in compliance with the special treatment payment system, a special charge of ¥5400 in addition to the initial consultation fee.

If you bring a letter of referral from your regular doctor, as long as that doctor practices in the vicinity of this hospital, you can have your symptoms and test results assessed by one of our doctors. By bringing a referral letter to this hospital, you can avoid the burden of treatment costs not covered by insurance, and lighten both that of extra medical expenses arising from the repetition of tests and that placed on your own body by these tests.

Telephone Appointment Center

If you wish to be examined and treated at Mitsui Memorial Hospital, please have your referral letter (with your treatment history form) with you and call our Appointment Center on 0120-863-212 (free of charge) or on 03-3862-9207 to make your appointment. When you call, we will check that you have a referral letter.

If you do not have a referral letter, or if you visit this hospital without an appointment, please understand that you may have to wait for a number of hours for a doctor to see you.

Telephone Appointment Center

After 2 p.m. on weekdays, it is generally easier to get through, so we suggest that you call in  the afternoon.

Weekdays/8:30-11:00 Same-day cancellation/12:00-17:00 Reception time
Saturdays/8:30-10:00 Same-day cancellation/10:00-12:30 Reception time

Immediately after the Reception Counter opens, it becomes extremely crowded, and so you are requested to come at another time. In addition, depending on the details of a desired change of appointment, it may not always be possible to make that change.

Consultation Application Form

Please fill out a Consultation Application Form at one of the desks provided.
Enter the necessary information (name, date of birth, present address, telephone numbers, etc.) in the red box on the Consultation Application Form.
+Please download the form by clicking here.+

Consultations Outside Normal Hours

Provision to be seen by a doctor is made for those who feel suddenly unwell or who have suffered an injury.
Monday to Friday
From 17:00 to 08:30 on the following day
From 12:30 to 08:30 on the following day
No consultations
Sundays and holidays (including December 30 to January 3, and the second Saturday in April)
Any person wishing to consult a doctor on a Sunday or a holiday should please contact the hospital first. The emergency duty nurse will respond.

To Patients with Difficulty Communicating in Japanese

If you cannot communicate well in Japanese, you will need to be accompanied by an interpreter, for your convenience and safety, whenever you visit our hospital as an outpatient, or on a 24-hour basis during hospitalization, and you are requested to arrange your own interpreter.
Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.
Contact:Patient Relations Dept 03-3862-9111
E-Mail (English Only):