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And after over a century, we're still reaching for the sky!
However, unlike most treatment strategies, our approach to medicine is centered firmly on consideration for, and attention to, the patient, his or her humanity, state of mind, physical condition, vitality, feelings, needs, wishes, and expectations, for without such an approach, the patient can become a kind of accessory to a cold scientific process to which he or she can contribute only minimally-just another "case". Our approach, however, seeks to enlist the patient's cooperation at every level-physical, psychological, emotional, and as deeply as the fundamental levels of immunity, epigenetics, and the natural healing energy with which each human being is endowed.

Our Philosophy of Medical Care

At Mitsui Memorial Hospital, a leading general hospital in Tokyo, we devote ourselves to the betterment of society as a whole by offering medical services in a spirit of respect, comradeship and care. This approach springs from the fact that we respect and value the lives of our patients above all else. It enables doctor and patient to develop both a level of communication that embraces the joys of life together with its uncertainties, and a sense of mutual fulfillment and satisfaction. A feeling of companionship and cooperation is, after all, essential for any important achievement and for the most productive sharing of knowledge and understanding.


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Sundays, National Holidays, year-end and New Year period (December 30 to January 3); second Saturday in April