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Philosophy and Principle

Our Philosophy of Medical Care

At Mitsui Memorial Hospital, a leading general hospital in Tokyo, we devote ourselves to the betterment of society as a whole by offering medical services in a spirit of respect, comradeship and care. This approach springs from the fact that we respect and value the lives of our patients above all else. It enables doctor and patient to develop both a level of communication that embraces the joys of life together with its uncertainties and a sense of mutual fulfillment and satisfaction. A feeling of companionship and cooperation is, after all, essential for any important achievement and for the most productive sharing of knowledge and understanding.

Fundamental Precepts

  1. We recognise that the essential healing energy that frees each patient from disease is his or her own vitality, so that it is the individual patient who plays the principal role in the process of treatment and healing.
  2. It is our function, as medical staff, to act as good advisers teaming up with our patients in the joint promotion of healing.
  3. To all our patients, we provide health care that is technically advanced and qualitatively superior, and that is founded upon solid medical principles.
  4. We promote close links with both the neighborhood residents and the local medical community in order to offer medical care through which relationships develop throughout the entire local population.
  5. We contribute to the education, growth and development of young medical personnel so that they may give priority in their work to safety, peace of mind and reliability.
  6. We aim to create in Japan a medical institution of the highest quality in which the best and most dependable treatment can be obtained.

Guiding Principles

  1. Development of friendly, open relations with patients.
  2. Respect for the rights of patients by open-handed provision of medical information.
  3. Impartiality in providing any patient with the opportunity for treatment.
  4. Creation of fine teamwork through mutual trust among hospital staff.
  5. Constant efforts to maintain and improve treatment safety.
  6. Long-term daily devotion to studies in order to cultivate both great proficiency in medicine and strength of character.
  7. Contribution to the evolution of medicine through medical research.
  8. Achieving fulfillment and taking pride in medical care that is offered to the patient in a sense of comradeship and sympathetic understanding.
  9. Enlightened management of a healthy and vigorous organization in full compliance with the law.

Principles Established by the Ethics Committee

  1. To provide high-quality medical care fairly and without partiality.
  2. To describe to the patient carefully and simply the medical procedures to be employed and other necessary matters.
  3. To respect the patient's privacy, and to observe the duty of absolute confidentiality with regard to all patient information.
  4. To observe all of the laws and guidelines relevant to the conduct of medical consultations, and to provide treatment that is reliable.
  5. To convene, as needed, the Ethics Committee to address both questions regarding the dignity of life and those concerned with the appropriateness of medical procedures.
  6. To actively carry out clinical studies as a contribution to the advancement of medicine, and to have the execution of these studies carefully appraised by the Ethics Committee.

The Three Main Spheres of Our Work at Mitsui Memorial Hospital

The three principal spheres in which our medical practice at Mitsui Memorial Hospital is focussed are represented below. Our human and material resources are invested generously in all three.
The Three Main Spheres
1.Advanced Treatments for Cardiovascular Diseases
2.For Cancer: Standard and Minimally Invasive Treatments
3.Treatments for Improving the Quality of Life of the Elderly

The Origin of Our Logo

Our logo is a combination of the concepts of (1) "The best and most advanced medical care," represented by the shapes of two healthy young leaves in two shades of blue, colors used to express the reliability and friendliness of MMH as a progressive institution of general medicine, and of (2) the power of nature and life itself.

The gently curved, outer, strong blue bands and the central white bands also symbolize the doctors and nursing staff treating and caring for the patients, who are represented by the pale blue bands. These curves indicate gentleness and kindness. In addition, the initial capital letter 'M' of Mitsui Memorial Hospital is depicted by this logo (and, for some, may also suggest the popular image of a heart).

The selection of this design was made on the basis of the votes of the entire staff of the hospital from a large number of submitted applications.