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To Patients with Difficulty Communicating in Japanese
If you cannot communicate well in Japanese, you will need to be accompanied by an interpreter, for your convenience and safety, whenever you visit our hospital as an outpatient, or on a 24-hour basis during hospitalization, and you are requested to arrange your own interpreter. You are requested to arrange for someone aged 20 or older who is capable of serving as a medical interpreter for you. However, if our hospital staff member concludes that the interpretation skills of the person accompanying you as an interpreter are insufficient to ensure medical safety, you will be requested to arrange for a fee-based interpreter. The hospital can help you by providing information on fee-based medical interpretation service if needed.


为了确保患者的安全,三井纪念医院要求无法使用日语沟通的患者,在门诊就诊时全程或住院治疗时24小时全天,必须自行安排翻译人员,以便保证沟通质量。 请患者自行安排满20周岁且具备医学知识的翻译人员。如果我院工作人员判断您的陪同人员的语言能力无法确保医疗安全时, 会要求您安排专业的翻译人员。我院可提供有关医疗翻译派遣公司的信息。

일본어로 진료가 어려운 환자분께

일본어로 진료가 어려운 환자분이 저희 병원에 오실때 환자분의 안전을 위하여 모든 외래시 또는 입원시에는 24시간 의료통역자와 같이 내원하셔야 합니다. 환자분이 직접 20세 이상의 의료통역이 가능한 통역자를 수배하여 주십시오. 저희 병원직원이 같이 와주신 분의 통역으로는 의료의 안전성을 확보하기 어렵다고 판단하였을 경우에는, 환자분이 직접 유료통역사를 수배하셔야 합니다. 유료의료통역사 파견에 관해서는 저희 병원에서 정보를 제공해 드리겠습니다.


当院では日本語での診察が難しい患者さんの受診に際し、患者さんの安全のために、 全ての外来時、また入院時は24時間の医療通訳対応が必要となります。なお通訳者は、患者さん自身で20歳以上で医療について通訳が出来る方を手配して下さい。 当院職員が、付添いの方の通訳では医療の安全性を確保することが困難と判断した場合には、患者さんご自身で有料通訳を手配していただきます。 有料医療通訳派遣に関する情報は当院から提供することが可能です。


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From Monday to Saturday
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the second Saturday of each month

Reception hours

Monday to Friday
From 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
From 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Closed to outpatients

The second Saturday of each month,
Sundays, National Holidays,
year-end and New Year period