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Access Map

A map of the neighborhood



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Please use the contract parking facilities (indicated as P in the map above), since no parking is permitted on the premises of the hospital.

1. UDX Parking (open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
2. Fujisoft Building Parking (7:00 am to 11:00 pm)
3. Life Corporation Parking (7:00 am to 10:00 pm)

JR Trains
7 minutes from the Showa-dori exit of Akihabara Station

Tokyo Metro Subway Hibiya line
6 minutes walk from exit 1 of Akihabara Station

Toei Subway Shinjuku line
10 minutes walk from exit A4 of Iwamoto-cho Station

Tsukuba Express Train
7 minutes walk from exit A2 or A3 (Showa-dori) of Akihabara Station

Our Whereabouts

Address: Kanda-Izumi-cho 1.Chiyoda-ku.Tokyo 101-8643

Telephone number: 03-3862-9111

Rail access map to Akihabara and Iwamoto-cho

line map

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If you are travelling...

...by the Tsukuba Express, a JR line, then:
get off at Akihabara, and the hospital is about 7 minutes' walk from the Showa-Dori exit.

...by the Hibiya Line, a Tokyo Metro line, then:
get off at Akihabara, and the hospital is about 6 minutes' walk from exit 1.

...by the Shinjuku Line, a Toei subway line, then:
get off at Iwamoto-cho, and the hospital is about 10 minutes' walk from exits A3 and A4.