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Reminders to All Visitors

Rules while in the hospital

  1. Cell phone use
    While in the hospital, please set your cell phone to silent mode. You can use your cell phone in the areas indicated for this purpose or outdoors.
    Cell phone areas: Outpatient Pavilion telephone corner (first floor), Inpatient Pavilion lounge (first floor), Inpatient Pavilion entrance hall (first floor)
    All cell phones must be turned off in the following places:
    Consultation rooms, examination rooms, treatment rooms, operating rooms, ICU, CICU, HCU

  2. Smoking
    Smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the entire premises of the hospital, including the parking area.

  3. Audio/image recording
    Audio recording and photographing/filming are strictly prohibited inside the hospital to protect patient privacy.

  4. Illegal, antisocial or troublesome conduct
    All outpatients and inpatients are requested to observe applicable hospital rules and regulations.
    Those who are found, during consultations or hospitalization, to use violence, deliberately damage the hospital’s property or other objects, disobey hospital personnel’s instructions, make false statements, or resort to verbal abuse will be ordered to leave. In cases where urgent response is necessary, the hospital will call the police at once.

  5. Medical examination, medication, and other medical services covered by the Japanese health insurance system
    When you receive medical services that are covered by the Japanese health insurance system, the doctor who examines you decides which tests to conduct and medicines to prescribe, based on what he or she considers necessary for you.
    In other words, even though a patient or patient’s family member requests a specific test, the request may not be met if the doctor considers it unnecessary for the patient.